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Participating institutions

The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) and Grimsö Wildlife Research Station (the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, SLU) constitute the core of SCANDLYNX

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)

NINA is a national and international research centre for nature research. NINA conducts research, monitoring, investigations, and impact assessments.

NINA coordinates the Norwegian part of SCANDLYNX and is responsible for the project’s website.

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU)

Grimsö is a centre for wildlife and landscape ecology in central Sweden. In 1992, Grimsö became a part of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), today Grimsö is a part of the department of ecology at SLU.
Grimsö coordinates the Swedish part of SCANDLYNX, 

SCANDLYNX has a close cooperation with the following research institutions;