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Lynx are easily recognisable by their long ear tufts, short tale and long hind legs. The shoulder height of adult lynx varies between 50 and 70 cm, while body length varies between 90 and 120 cm. Adult females normally weigh between 14-18 kg while the normal weight for adult males is 18-26 kg.

Lynx are adapted to a life in northern latitudes where snow lies on the ground large parts of the year.  Their winter coat is thick, woolly and heat isolating, while their summer coat is thin and smooth. Their fur is reddish-brown in the summer and grayish-white in the winter, and thus gives good camouflage. Their belly is white, and their body is covered by a number of more or less clear black spots. Their paws are large in comparison with the size of their body. Their long legs, large paws and light body weight in relation to their paws make lynx well adapted to snow conditions.